Possible bug in 3.0.1

One guy reported strange problem with 3.0.1 release. He have RCT Crius V2 board and running it in PPM_SUM mode. When he hovering at ~40-50% of throttle, all seems ok, but if they increase throttle – board hang and copter drops from the sky.He can 100% reproduce this problem. We tried all possible solutions, but It still hang.

I’m tried all things to catch this bug, but my copter(and hexa) performs very well and I have no hangs. So,

I need some help in testing. Please, make it all safely! You do not need to fly, problem can be reproduced on table. Just make sure it will not fly. Arm copter and try to increase Throttle.

If you will encounter this problem, please report back with all possible information: Logs (from board and Planner), your hardware config, what you changed in firmware (PPM mode, and etc.)

Thank you very much.

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  1. Hi I have a crius v2 if you want I can test it.
    I just sent 2 donation: one of 3 euros and another of 7 euros, but I didn’t receive download link

  2. I too am experiencing this bug. However am using PWM inputs and can only reproduce this with the props on! No problems without props. I have the Rate Roll/Pitch option set to ch6, this seems to affect how long it can hover before it hangs (Higher values make it hang sooner).
    I did have a problem with Parameters Persisting from an older version and the rate roll/pitch values going out side their min/max values, however I reset this to defaults through the CLI.
    Resting the parameters to defaults seemed tofix my parrameter problem but it may have been what caused this hang problem. Just speculating though.
    Anyway back to testing.
    AIOP v2
    OrangeRX 9ch DSM2 Reciever
    30 Amp plush ESC’s with the all BECs connected.
    Yellow Power Jumper removed.
    5v-5amp UBEC powering the board.
    GPS and 3DR Radio’s conected

  3. Im running MegaPirateNG 3.0.1 R2 and have also experienced the motors dying after giving a boost of throttle.
    I have my gains set at +150 for throttle on my JR9503. I read somewhere that it should be this way.. Just got back from vacation so I’ll knock them back to 100 and see if it still kills the power. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow and see if it helps.

  4. Same issue happened me. Other days didn’t happened because this will need very FAST throttle up, I mean FAST! Then dropped like a rock. PPM disabled, each 1-6ch wired with 6 wires, stab mode…

  5. I’m still thinking – it’s power failure bug. I have no other ideas, why this bug not appear without props. Attaching props causes motors to consume a lot of power -> when you fast increase throttle, it causes big current drain and board hang.
    Maybe it depends on ESC controllers, for example SimonK can fast eat current…

    I will try to reproduce this bug on my new Hexa with SimonK ESCs, will report back.

    1. Its not a power faillure bug. I have feeded the board with a seperate 5V power supply, and i have lost my quad into pieces because of this big.

      I always feed the quad with seperate 5 volt.

      I am digging into the code now as well to be of assistance. and to get a bit of reward of my lost quad :P

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