Monthly Archives: September 2013

MegaPirateNG 3.0.1 R2 – Public Release

MegaPirateNG 3.0.1 R2 is now available for all. You can download zip file or get sources at GitHub.

Please post all bugs and feature requests in GitHub issue tracker.

Who want to contribute some code, you can done it via GitHub Pull request.

Current bugfixes in upcoming R3:

  • Added ability to use Serial1 in UserCode.pde
  • Added ability to disable internal compass (to use external) in AP_IntertialSensor_MPU6000_I2C.cpp
  • Added ability to select MPNG compatible boards in APM_Config.h
  • Added ability to change Serial2 port speed in APM_Config.h
  • Fixed Serial2 initialization (RXD pullup enable)
  • Fixed GPS driver selecting in APM_Config.h (from AC 3.1)
  • Main loop rate lowered to 100Hz (from AC 3.1)
  • Fixed pin mapping for Copter LEDs and Voltage&Current sensor