First flight tests, MPNG 3.0.1

I’m just returned from street. Made first test flights:

Sorry for bad quality, I’m flying at evening and also I have 3G connection so cannot upload HD. Also, I don’t know, who placed the tree in background :)

Will upload HD tomorrow.

MPNG running with default PID. Fly very well!!! I’m very satisfied with results. I’m made only basic calibrations, nothing changed in PID’s.

Checked STABILIZE mode, Stabilize with Simple mode, AltHold and LOITER. All just works.

3 thoughts on “First flight tests, MPNG 3.0.1

  1. Today I made also 2 flights. There is windy environment. Fly well with little oscillations. Loiter also working.

    Looks like version ready for release. Some beta testers still not reported…

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