News about MPNG 3.0.1, ETA 19.08.2013

I’m just added some “How To” pages for new MPNG’s users.

3.x version of MPNG (and ArduCopter of course) uses new software model called “HAL”. In order to compile sources with this new model, you must download and use special edition of Arduino IDE. This IDE have new Menu item “ArduPilot”, where you can choose for which board you will compile MPNG (APM1, APM2, MPNG). You can read here how to compile and where to get this special IDE.

I have some little progress in MPNG 3.0.1, First of all, now you can compile source for HIL simulation. Also I’m made changes in ArduPlane and ArduRover, so now it’s compile as well (not tested at all, just compile).

Currently, GPS protocol cannot be selected and used AUTO. So maybe some GPS modules will won’t work. You cannot change GPS driver since little bug in original ArduPilot sources (fixed in next version).

Last days I’m working on supporting GPS and 3DR Telemetry. Looks like all of this works fine, so I’m trying to assembly my quadcopter to test firmware in the fly.

What not will be included (not works) in first release of 3.x:

  1. Failsafe on RC receivers which not support it (cheap receivers, like Turnigy 9x)
  2. Sonar
  3. Gimbal will work only on pins D11 & D12 (not available on copter bigger than 6 motors)
  4. FrSky Telemetry
  5. Syberian’s LED Sequencer

ETA of new MPNG 3.0.1 is 19.08.2013


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