Troubleshooting – FAQ

Q: Arduino  IDE successfully compiled sources, but it hangs while uploading into controller?

A: This is bug in old Arduino bootloader. If you have AVR-ISP programmer you can update it (use bootloader from Arduino IDE). If you have no programmer, open APM_Config.h and edit this line:

#define BOOTLOADER_BUGFIX "234fs34567hf"

Just replace string (“234fs34567hf”) with some random characters, and try to upload firmware again.

Q: My transmitter not work at all. I move sticks but nothing happens.

A: Check connection type. There is three methods supported by MPNG:

  1. PPM SUM (CPPM) on A8 pin
  2. PPM SUM (CPPM) on PL1 pin (this is only for RCTIMER CRIUS AIOP v2 board, “PPM SUM” pin
  3. Regular PWM inputs, A8-A15

You must check where you connected your receiver and select proper type in libraries\AP_HAL_MPNG\RCInput_MPNG.cpp

Also, please also read How To.

21 thoughts on “Troubleshooting – FAQ

  1. Even my receiver does not work.
    I performed the changes in libraries\AP_HAL_MPNG\RCInput_MPNG.cpp, as shown in How To Guide, with #define SERIAL_PPM SERIAL_PPM_DISABLED. All the values ​​of the stick always remain at 900 and do not respond to the movements on the transmitter.
    With MPNG 2.9.1 everything is working correctly.
    Hardware: Crius AIOPro v1.1, Turnugy TGY9X transmitter, 9X8C V2 receiver.
    Any suggestions?

    1. How you connected your receiver? Each channel via own wire (PWM)? Send me your modified version of RCInput_MPNG.cpp to e-mail I will check it.

      1. As required, I’ll e-mail you the file RCInput_MPNG.cpp for verification. The receiver is connected to board flight each channel via own wire (PWM). RC Pin Mapping (Standard): CH1 = Aileron (roll), CH2 = Elevator (pitch), CH3 = Throttle, CH4 = Rudder.

  2. I have a MacBook Pro with virtualbox win7. My Problem is, i can Compile ans Upload my Firmware to my hobbyking aio V2 but then i can’t connect to the Mission Planner.
    The Mission planner says only trying to connect timeout.
    In the cli of Mission planner the aio connect and i can See the Version of installier Firmware. But Thats all.
    Do you have any reason to this problem?

  3. Running a Crius AIOP V2. Disabled PPM, enabled Multi Wii in the RC Pin Out, so all is now working correctly in Mission Planner.

    Calibrated compass and accelerometers, but it won’t let me arm the board – it says “prearm compass defintions are to high”. I’ve recalibrated – what am I missing?

  4. I like this project!

    But, I have trouble using the ArduPlane part of MegaPirateNG. I can compile it as it was released but when I use #define LOGGING_ENABLED DISABLED I get compilation errors. I am using the Crius All In One Pro 1.0 and therefore can not do logging. The errors where easily fixed by putting some #if LOGGING_ENABLED == ENABLED lines where the compilation errors occurred.

    I can successfully upload the code to the Crius board, but none of the LEDs are flashing and I cannot connect to it from the Mission Planner software.

    Is ArduPlane supposed to work?

    I can fix some small bugs, but I don’t have time to do extensive coding and testing for the time being.

    1. I forgot to add that the ArduCopter sketchbook works perfectly. I can compile it, upload it and connect using the Mission Planner.

    2. ArduPlane and ArduRover just compiles, but nobody tried it and tested. Need some developers for support it who flies planes.

      If I collect enough money, I’m plan to buy 6WD Rover platform for testing/using it…

      1. Ok! Thanks for the reply.

        I will do a pull request on the LOGGING_ENABLED bug for Arduplane and then try to do some debugging to get the code working.

  5. problem in ArduPlane is with baro if you connect with terminal you see
    “Init ArduPlanePANIC: AP_Baro_MS5611 did not get valid SPI device driver!”
    I’m trying to understand how this works (with no luck for now) I want to test/use this so I do my best to find bugs. but my programming skills is limited :(
    If someone can help I will be grateful.

    1. OK. I found something.. in defines.h is missing definitions of I2C and SPI
      @Dreamer: add this and connect MissionPlanner..
      #define AP_BARO_MS5611_SPI 1
      #define AP_BARO_MS5611_I2C 2

      baro, acc/gyro and GPS working well. I try to test it in air soon

      1. I’m just pushed update in ArduPlane into MPNG 3.0.1 R3 beta code, please update it from GIT and try.
        I’m fixed error with logging and MS5611

        1. Thanks. I should have looked in this thread before doing all the changes myself. :) My pull request is almost identical to the changes you did in R3 Beta.

  6. ArduPlane is successfully tested in air. takeoff, waypoints and auto-land working well.RTL and everything I’ve tested today is working.

    1. Sounds good! What board are you using and what version of MPNG? And how are you powering your board, from the extend port or from one of the servo pins?

      I am having trouble using PPM Sum, everything looks OK in the GUI, but the servos move very “choppy”. Of course it might have nothing to do with the MPNG code…

      Going to try R3 Beta now!

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